Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing.
My brethren, these things ought not to be so.
James 3:10

A reprimand is in order here as we read this verse today,
Because it's very important the things we daily say.
How sad to hear cursing from believers; this should never be,
Let's learn to only bless because to this we all agree.
For Jesus sake let's clean up our speech and don't use bad language again,
By doing this we'll please the Lord,  and be happier than we've ever been.

Ralph & Margie Poulson
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October 25, 2014
Poulson blog
A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:22

People are hurting in the world today, their spirits are crushed and in pain,
The reasons for this is unknown to us, and their emotions we cannot explain.
But we know there is help for those who will receive it; God's word is it,
Read it, and find for your anxious heart, spiritual medicine when you submit.
God's joy can be yours and pick you up, and change your gloomy heart,
So read His Word and do His commands; for you this is a very good start.

"From a Canoe to a Chevy." Brazil: Memories and Ministries
(by Ralph Poulson)
Now available in eBook format and in paperback at:
Barnes & Noble
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(and more)
It was a thrill to write this book about our
life and ministry in Brazil.

We know you will enjoy the 200 stories of
the interesting experiences we had
while serving the Lord there.
Our prayer is that this book will be a
blessing to all who read it.
Reasons to read this book:

Unusual stories from Brazil.
Personal issues missionaries face on foreign soil.
Each chapter is a complete story telling the happenings in Brazil the way they
How God introduced us to dear Brazilian friends.
The stories of men and women who met Jesus Christ will thrill you.
Spiritual lessons conclude each chapter.

I have known Ralph and Margie Poulson from the time I was a child and have
been enriched spiritually by the testimony of their ministries. This book, written
in a humble, God-honoring way, takes the reader into the heart of missions. That
is a good place to be.
Laurel Hicks, Litt.D, editor, A Beka Book (retired)

I've never encountered a book written by missionaries that was more
informative, encouraging, and full of suspense. It was bits and pieces from Ralph
& Margie Poulson’s life in Brazil that I had heard, and their testimonies when
they returned home, that encouraged me to join the mission field ten years ago.
Helen Steele, Greek Bible College in Greece.

Dr. Roy B. Zuck:
These stories give an interesting picture of your life in Brazil. The chapters are
well written. They gave me a new appreciation for your ministry.
(Dr. Roy B. Zuck, senior professor emeritus of Bible Exposition and editor of
Bibliotheca Sacra, Dallas Theological Seminary, died March 16, 2013. This
endorsement is from the emails from him.)

Ralph and Marjorie served with ABWE in Brazil for 25 years in the Amazon, and
then Natal, directing the Berean Baptist Seminary. He was pastor of First Baptist
Church in Ferndale, Washington for eighteen years. Shepherds Baptist
Ministries enlisted him to represent them on the west coast. Their daughter Joy
died in 2013. Their son Rawlie, and wife Gina have 3 children: Nathan, Benny
and Monique.